Zippo Mazzi


All about my Mazzi which i want to sell. My collection grows and changes, so does the number of Zippos I'm going to sell. Keep an eye on it.

Contact me if you have further questions!

  • Josef Bauer Jahreszeiten Preis VBJosef Bauer Jahreszeiten Preis VB
  • ZCI 10 Anniversario 55EuroZCI 10 Anniversario 55Euro
  • ZCI Casanova 59EuroZCI Casanova 59Euro

  • ZCI Meeting 2008 50EuroZCI Meeting 2008 50Euro
  • ZCI Natale 2009 58EuroZCI Natale 2009 58Euro
  • ZFD Weihnachtszippo 45EuroZFD Weihnachtszippo 45Euro

  • Zippo Blu ZCH 2011 60 EuroZippo Blu ZCH 2011 60 Euro
  • caesars_tribute_50€caesars_tribute_50€

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